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Fluorplastic products

The history about Teflon  PTFE started the 6th of April 1938 with a young chemist at DuPont Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey when Dr Roy Plunkett worked with cooling gases.
The result from the experiment was a white, waxy substance, the material which DuPont trademarked Teflon .
Properties of PTFE like inert to virtually all chemicals, solvents, low friction, non ageing, high temperature resistance up to +260C  is today used in aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial processes and architecture.

FEP & PFA films

FEP & PFA films are non-stick, non-porous, chemically inert protective barrier materials. FEP & PFA films prevent corrosion and product contamination and are resistant to virtually all chemicals and solvents. FEP & PFA  films are FDA approved for direct contact with food and drugs. Weather stability, UV-resistance and 96% light transmission make them ideal for e.g solar...

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FEP tubing

Melt processable and can be welded. Temperature range -200°C to +200°C. Available in very long lengths otherwise as PTFE. Tubing sizes 0,5 - 110 mm bore.

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ETFE fluoropolymer films

ETFE fluoropolymer film provides the same unique combination of features as the FEP films, but with enhanced mechanical toughness and abrassion resistance. Melt temperature of EFTE films is approximately +271°C withe a continuos use upper temperature limit of +149°C. Also available cementable one or both sides.

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PFA tubing

As FEP but temperature limit is 260°C. Tubing sizes 0,5 - 100 mm bore.

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FEP heat shrink tubing

Easy to shrink, transparent, temp resistant up to +205 C. Highly transparent, easy to shrink at +180 C. Diameters from 0,68 - 51 mm, we can also produce larger diameters up to 300 mm.

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